Here are some things that have been inspiring me lately...

  • cool stuffed animals site

  • photography blog

  • i love japanese toys!

  • very neat illustrations

  • Rob has been working on some great paintings this week and seeing him working for each painting to come to life really inspires me. I'll try to post a pic of my favorite recent painting of his.
    I am teaching a purse making class at Textile this weekend which will be fun...I did the first session of the class last week and it went well...I'm thinking of maybe teaching another class in November.



    wee hours

    the storm last night kept me up all night it was SO loud and now I can't get to sleep tonight b/c my schedule is all outta whack! harumph.
    More movies I love...
    honeymoon in vegas
    drugstore cowboy
    anything claymation
    creature comforts
    the professional
    blue velvet

    I am anticipating "The Grudge" new scary flick out this weekend...I love scary movies. Any other scary movie fans?

    The Others-great ghost story
    The Ring -damn scary
    The Shining -classic Jack
    Communion- the scariest alien movie ever
    Jacob's Ladder-this movie scared the shit out of me I've only seen it once and never again
    Hellraiser- deffinitely THE worst movie ever made
    Nightmare on Elm Street - c'mon it's classic teen horror

    hmmm, why am I thinking about these before bed?

    okay favorite animated/kids stuff!

    Alice in Wonderland
    Sleeping Beauty
    the Nutcracker Fantasy- (~1979 hello kitty makes an appearance in this bizarre claymation version of the nutcracker...the villain is a two headed rat-queen! very strange)

    Hey! Jemina's band "Be Your Own Pet" will be in the New York Times I think this weekend! They will be included in an article about the radio convention that they played a showcase at in NY last weekend, there might even be a pic of them included.

    Which reminds me what am I doing with my life~?@#$!~
    okay time for bed


    busy busy busy

    Well, I've had a busy week of assembling an ebay store so I have neglected you! Check out our new store front!!!
    I am trying to yard sale some of my fabric and also have a summer purse sale so if you are interested in a good buy check out
    I'll have some scarves and more purses up in the next couple of days!

    The G.E.D. is done! I think I can confidently say that I have from high school. Which means I can finally have a damn graduation party...(isn't that the whole point???) I'll keep you posted..I'm thinking theme...costume...I don't know.
    I have to say it was a very surreal experience taking the test. I highly reccommend will make you feel really good about yourself. ha!
    Well, I will get my scores and my fake diploma in the mail in like 3 weeks so we'll see.

    I had the best apple pie last night thanks to miss sarah and now all I can think of are wintery baked goods. I think I had a dream last night about pumpkin pie.

    Our camping trip was great. I am inspired to take more camping trips...I hear that the cumberland gap area is great...anybody ever been camping there?



    camping and educational fodder

    Not only do I take the big fat GED test tomorrow, but we are leaving directly afterward to go camping in Kentucky. Now you may ask..."hmmm the GED, why are you taking this test?" Well, I figure it is time to have a high school diploma dammit. Well, an equivalency diploma anyway. I might want to some day go to one of those things they call "school". Part of me wants to know if I could get thruogh my entire life, do the things I want to do, all without my diploma...but then I think "why not now, just get it over with". I have succumbed to the logic and sensibility of the right side of my brain.
    I am really looking forward to this camping is an annual Abegg family tradition. We meet up with some friends from JPUSA and some friends from Cincinatti and have a great realaxing weekend full of campfire cooking and pancake contests.
    My dad is making his world famous lemon zephyr pancakes! I can't wait.
    I'll have pics!


    Top Ten Films

    Well, we had a bit of a lazy weekend...we read, watched a couple movies, read some more, and worked a tinny bit. One of the movies we watched was Rear Window- Alfred Hitchcock-Jimmy Stewart (who looks a bit like shane doling dontcha think?)
    It is deffinitely in my top ten...the fact that the apartment buildings are built on a sound stage gives the film an eerie coziness. It heightens the already strong feeling of detatchment that Jimmy Stewarts character is experiencing. I don't know how many times I have seen this movie but I enjoy it every time.
    I had a fun shoot yesterday, not too often that I can say that, with Jars of Clay. Those guys are so easy to work with. Dad shot it and I also always enjoy working with him. I had fun chatting with Stephen of our common love-Jude! Funny too, the engineer on their record that they are in the process of finishing is the guy that has been working with Be your own pet.
    So back to the subject of movies...what are some of your favorites???
    I love....(not in sequential order)
    Rear Window
    Manon of the Springs (Manon du Source-French)
    Blade Runner
    The Godfather
    The Shining
    anything by Charlie Kaufman

    to name a few


    Shepards Pie, highlights and debate

    Well, it seems that the debate went well. We had a great time watching it over at the hendersons. I colored Jenna's hair which I think turned out great...and we ate some delicious shepards pie.
    It was amazing watching all of the commentary after the debate. With each and every statement made it was so obvious whether the speaker was a republican or a democrat...I don't think we saw one un-biased news report. They were all full of speculation and opinion.

    I finished this purse yesterday. You can't tell in the pic but the upper part is a wool tweed. It was for Jenna-a birthday gift from Trevor.

    This purse is also a recent project. It is silk brocade and has a silk lining. I love this fabric.