Cool weather and knitting

There is a fall chill in the air this week and it makes me want to knit like crazy! I gathered my yarn stash yesterday and tried to come up with some projects...mostly I got some scarf projects together for Sarah to help me with...but I did manage to get some yarn together for a wrap/poncho for me. Yes, I know ponchos are so "last season" but hell they are so damn cute.
I found a cool design for a quilt on this artists website and I think I might try one in a nap/throw quilt size. Here is a photo of it, I am trying to figure out what two color I would want to make it in, any ideas????

Well, I finished the t-shirt quilt and it looked great...I delivered it tuesday and she loved it. She called me yesterday to see if it was possible to make it bigger. (mind you she gave me no size specifications when we started the project) I thought I was free!!! oh well, at least now I can make sure to get a photo of it ...which I forgot to do before I delivered it.

The debates are on tonight and I will be hanging with friends, eating what I am certain will be great food and coloring Jenna's hair! Hopefully we won't all want to commit suicide after the debate!


be your own pet

I went to my sister's show monday night and it went well. They opened for the features and the kings of leon at 12th and porter. Some pretty big music people were there and as a result of the evening I believe they now have management?! The real point of them playing the show was to see if the kings of leon want be your own pet to open for them on a small european tour this fall/winter. So, I'm waiting to hear about that. no news yet. It was very fun and they sounded better than they ever have live.
Here's a pic of the band.

I am a proud sister.


belly laughs at the drive-in

Last night we went to a movie screening at the Belcourt theatre. The films were projected onto the side of the building and the parking lot became a drive-in/sit-in. There was a great turnout and more people actually did it drive-in style than I expected. There was Bro's chuckwagon and some treats from the belcourt concessions. He showed "the 39 steps" and "little shop of horrors", along witha ton of old ads, cartoons, hot dog commercials full of sexual innuendo, and trailers. He showed a black and white Betty Boop cartoon that was the trippiest cartoon I have ever seen, full of wierd clowns and rubberband people....the laughs were great...(and much needed) and the whole experience was fun...I hope he does it again but next time shows ONLY the ads, commercials, trailers etc...I'd be at that screening in a heart beat. I love that stuff.
Oh, I stumbled upon a really cool art-comic on this artist's website.


almost finished

Well, I am almost done with the t-shirt quilt...what a project. I'll have a pic of that up soon.
Just got back from a great thai food dinner...mmmm green curry is my favorite. It was a nice dinner, we got to visit with molly and mark and sam's daughter bridgette...all of whom I haven't seen in a while.
Hope to finish that quilt tomorrow, and attend a film screening outside tomorrow night. That should be fun.


the season to work

Well, my first post on my new blog. Very exciting. Fall is just around the corner and my creative spirit is always invigorated this time of year. (Hence the creation of this blog.)
All of a sudden just when the humidity begins to let up I am full of ideas and energy and there are WAY too few hours in the day.
I am working on a t-shirt quilt this week and of course it is not inspiring me...I want to work on purses and this new used book journal project I started last week.
Rob is working on a couple of great new paintings and I am enjoying the progression of each one...a little more color and paint is like watching a building come together and then all of a sudden it is finished and it is better than anything your imagination created.
my sister is playing a show monday and I can't wait!
I am looking forward to getting together with friends this week and am happy for the arrival of Peter Dark 9/19 7lb7oz...such a cutie. well, for now....later