belly laughs at the drive-in

Last night we went to a movie screening at the Belcourt theatre. The films were projected onto the side of the building and the parking lot became a drive-in/sit-in. There was a great turnout and more people actually did it drive-in style than I expected. There was Bro's chuckwagon and some treats from the belcourt concessions. He showed "the 39 steps" and "little shop of horrors", along witha ton of old ads, cartoons, hot dog commercials full of sexual innuendo, and trailers. He showed a black and white Betty Boop cartoon that was the trippiest cartoon I have ever seen, full of wierd clowns and rubberband people....the laughs were great...(and much needed) and the whole experience was fun...I hope he does it again but next time shows ONLY the ads, commercials, trailers etc...I'd be at that screening in a heart beat. I love that stuff.
Oh, I stumbled upon a really cool art-comic on this artist's website.


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Nice site Ms Abegg! Welcome to the blog-community of loveliness.


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