the season to work

Well, my first post on my new blog. Very exciting. Fall is just around the corner and my creative spirit is always invigorated this time of year. (Hence the creation of this blog.)
All of a sudden just when the humidity begins to let up I am full of ideas and energy and there are WAY too few hours in the day.
I am working on a t-shirt quilt this week and of course it is not inspiring me...I want to work on purses and this new used book journal project I started last week.
Rob is working on a couple of great new paintings and I am enjoying the progression of each one...a little more color and paint is like watching a building come together and then all of a sudden it is finished and it is better than anything your imagination created.
my sister is playing a show monday and I can't wait!
I am looking forward to getting together with friends this week and am happy for the arrival of Peter Dark 9/19 7lb7oz...such a cutie. well, for now....later


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