first deadline met!

I met the first fitting deadline for the student fashion show and am glad it went as well as it did. I have twelve pieces in my womens collection and hopefully I will have 5-6 pieces in the childrens (they are having a hard time finding children for the show)
I have tons of work to post about, here's the first round of illustrations I completed for the show collection. (sorry about the horrible photos, my boards are too big for the scanner)
b&w dress
this is my only bridal look in my collection. This dress is almost finished.
This yellow silk draped bodice has a little less pleating in real form but it is almost done too!!
Now fitting in with my women's collection is this girls collection for ages 2-6. The little raglan sleeve dress is one I chose to actually complete and it is made of silver silk crepe back satin.
I'll have pics next week of more clothes on models and dress forms but here are two dresses I'm almost finished with. (Yes, I'm ALMOST FINISHED with all of it :) )
side view
these two dresses are pretty different but within the collection I feel like they make more sense.
testing the yellow silk as the sash

I am happy with this dress, I need to finish the sash. The bodice fabric is a silk from a vintage dress I bought maybe 8 years ago. It was meant for this project!! I ripped all the seams apart and reinforced the fabric with french fuse interfacing. (it is my favorite interfacing in the world, it is lightweight, will fuse at lower temps and always stays smooth)
Here is a pic of one of my dresses before I draped the pattern.
Anyway, I'll have more to post after I take pics on the dress form. All twelve dresses in my collection need to have zippers in by next week so I'll be sewing like crazy!