14 days till halloween

I went to the grocery store yesterday and wanted to share something that made me happy...look at all that halloween candy!

be your own pet

Jemina's on tour this month, hope you have a great trip j! xoxo alexia
They finished in the studio, and the record sounds awesome. I can't wait to play it for all of our friends. I think it will be out in February.
I am so proud of my sister.


we had a great one night trip camping last weekend and here are some pics!
waiting for pancakes
here we are waiting for these beauties!
yes, I love pancakes!

me and rob
Looking forward to the next, hopefully longer, trip out of town.

you can look at the whole set of photos
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  • 10.07.2005

    we're off for a day trip

    hey! Well after weeks of craziness we are escaping for a day Mammoth Cave KY, for one night of camping! This is an annual abegg family tradition and I can't wait. My dad makes these incredible lemon pancakes every year..mmm...lemon zephyrs. Anyway it is a much needed one night repreive!
    Here's a couple drawings I just got back graded from my drawing class...
    drawing 2
    pepper and onion
    24" by 32"

    drawing 1
    22" by 34"

    see you monday!