fedex tyvek pak wallet

Here's a fun little idea that has floated around the internet and I think I recall it was in Ready Made mag??
Anyway these are fun to make...if anyone is interested I made a few and they are 10USD free shipping :)



here is a project I am working on for school, it is a self portrait painted in soft pastel... about 24 " by 32"...
it is not done yet but is getting there.
self portrait/in progress
I am thinking about how to lose 30 pounds by vacation in 2 weeks!!!!!! haha


been awhile to say the least

well, if anyone out there is still checking up on my dusty blog I would like to say a welcome back and sorry I've neglected my blog :)
Needless to say school has been, um, BUSY. Just trying to keep up with work and 16hrs of school and some social life has been a challenge. So, I have a moment and I'm going to try and catch up. Been working on plans to teach a summer purse class at Watkins College of Art. That is pretty exciting. Possibly that will also include two teen classes.
I have been working on clearing out my stash of fabrics again and ebaying like CRAZY!
I have some denyse schmidt fabrics if anyone is interested e-mail me???
I am loving her new line of fabrics and am so excited that I they're here!
love the colors of all of them, so perfect. :)