here is my most recent drawing2 assignment, contour self portrait in compressed charcoal. It measures about 18x30" I think.
self portrait contour


nice clouds

more clouds

a nice nashville sky, lately a rarity

new diaper bag

Here is a new diaper bag design I just finished. It has a magnetic snap and comes with two burp cloths in coordinating cotton terry with fabric on the back.
new diaper bag I made
I cut it off in the photo but it is actually rectangular. The shoulder strap is padded, I think it turned out well.
I have another colorway of the same fabric-blue and green for moms who like blue (or have baby boys.)


ahhh, back to my blog

was my last post really before christmas????? well, here's a christmas pic to catch up. We had a great holiday and received so many wonderful gifts from family and friends. I finally have my hands on a gocco!!! I can't wait to start creating with it. My parents always reach so deep into their small purse to give at christmas...they are so generous.
Also, my husband got me a plane ticket for christmas to go visit Molly and some schools in oak/sf which i'm really excited about!
I have been working on finishing some work projects that have been backing up on my "to finish" list. Getting ready for school to start back tomorrow. Organizing my office and work area...and ebaying like crazy.
Check out my multitude of listings...
at my ebay store
I have missed blogging the last few weeks, our internet was down around christmas and I have been so busy so far this month.
The weather here has been wierd, record highs actually, and I wish we would get one really cozy day of snow. All the dead trees look much worse when it is sunny and 65. I don't know about you but I am a pretty upbeat person However, in January those post-holiday blues always hit. I start to think about all things related to "where am i in life?, what am I doing" and that just gets that snowball rolling. I have renewed my yoga and excercise schedule and that helps a lot. My first mini yoga practice back lasted like 15 min and HURT! I can't believe I was doing 1 1/2hrs 2-3 times a week before school started! I hope I can get back to my old flexible self VERY quickly.
I saw Brokeback Mountain last night. Some great acting but I thought it was obvious that they had adapted a short story...I wanted them to delve deeper. All of the beautiful sweeping shots of wyoming mountains made me wish I was camping out west right now. so beautiful. I will say that it was a touching story told very simply and for that it was pretty good.
I hope that in my lifetime we will see the acceptance and equal treatment of gays and lesbians.
hmm, this post is getting heavy...hmm I think it's time for me to go watch some Curb Your Enthusiasm, or a really bad movie on the sci-fi channel.
Oh, anyone interested in a homemade valentine's card swap??? Basically I was thinking each participant would make and send a card to 2-3 people. Who else can we bestow our girly valentine's cards on but our crafty sisters!
e-mail me if you are interested :) make the subject valentine swap:)