we had a great night out with Trevor and Jenna we pretended for a night that we live in a big city! we walked! The weather is getting so nice right now...warm in the day and a really nice cool breeze at night. I guess it just inspired us. We went out walking from our house to hillsboro village and got some ice cream..then walked to JJ's and had a pint(or so) and great reminiscing about past exploits! Oh the stupid things we do as teenagers...(or whatever age.) I love hearing other people's stories about getting caught...I know I'm not the only one!
we'll be hearing some great music next week...the Astronaut Pushers are playing thursday and Jemina's band is playing Sat night at the exit/in...also the concerts at DPC on Mon and Tues...busy week.
I have been thinking on some new summer dresses...I have some vintage patterns I want to use.



just for kicks

here's a patchwork I started just for fun
I have a ton of 9-patch blocks started and this is a section of one row

here are some fabrics I want to add to the pile I already have for this project

I want it to look really scrap-pile-ish.

I have news back from O'more School of design that I have been accepted and have been awarded a small scholarship. yeah!

Also, Jemina's band is in Spin magazine online!

pretty nashville clouds

community garden

we worked last weekend at Jenna and Trevor's on our little community garden and we made some progress..


our garden...well now we just have to plant everything

I think the list is...
potatoes, onions, parsnips, tomotoes, peppers, carrots, peas, lettuces, spinach, eggplant, corn and...I'm sure I've left something out.
We'll be working on the bed of herbs maybe this weekend at our house I think it will run along the back side fence. There is great light and I think it will improve the look of the yard. I hope we don't have to do anything to the soil. There is so much clay in the dirt here that I have a feeling we will have to add some sand/compost/garden soil mixture to the bed. We'll see.

the stomach flu

well, I was down for the count last week with a horrible stomach flu. I'm glad to be back...and eating solid food.

lovely easter

We had a very relaxed easter this year. Dad and Jemina were in London and Mom was beat, so Rob and I went to a very fun get together for easter dinner at Tim and Elizabeth' was pot luck style and the food was great! The lamb that tim and elizabeth made was awesome...a wonderful meal and good fellowship.

I made some fun spring rice krispies last week....I cut them out in flower shapes in honor of all the seeds we started...
here's the treats

here's the seeds

I'm not sure what the destination is for the zinnias but they will go somewhere around the house.