community garden

we worked last weekend at Jenna and Trevor's on our little community garden and we made some progress..


our garden...well now we just have to plant everything

I think the list is...
potatoes, onions, parsnips, tomotoes, peppers, carrots, peas, lettuces, spinach, eggplant, corn and...I'm sure I've left something out.
We'll be working on the bed of herbs maybe this weekend at our house I think it will run along the back side fence. There is great light and I think it will improve the look of the yard. I hope we don't have to do anything to the soil. There is so much clay in the dirt here that I have a feeling we will have to add some sand/compost/garden soil mixture to the bed. We'll see.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Jude said...

plant some Carrots for me.

love and miss you all

j xx


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