In these past couple of very busy weeks I am reminded that I really want to meditate apart from the small amount we do in yoga class every week. I cannot express what it does for me to float away to a happy place and let all of the day and/or weeks thoughts and worries and preoccupations drift away. For me, It is an opportunity to pray and give thanks to God and I wish I had discovered it sooner. I highly reccommend it.
Yoga tonight was great, my energy level is still not quite back to normal from being sick so I couldn't quite push myself as much as I would like. In fact, the regular class wore me out so much that In the last pose...(it is called corpse pose- we relax for a few minutes at the end of each class by laying down on the floor, eyes closed, on our backs) I was so relaxed/exausted that when gillian, our teacher, prompted us to begin coming out of our relaxed state by rolling our head from side to side I nearly jumped off the floor it gave me such a start...I was in another place! It was amazing.
I am excited about our move this weekend but I hope the weather isn't too cold...I am looking forward to a working fireplace and some kickass baked goods! (our new roommate Joel makes amazing pies etc...) Should be a cozy christmas!
I posted purses on so check them out.
time for bed


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