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We had a fun and busy weekend. I taught a purse making class this weekend which was really fun, I had a great group of students! I am looking forward to planning more classes in January.
On the sewing note..Jenna hosted a mini sewing circle at her house on sunday, her parents were in town and her mom was helping Jenna sew some was great to get a start on Christmas presents! It was very funny, all the men were watching football and all the ladies were stitching away...I was cracking up at the thought that here we were some of the least steroetypical people I know stepping into a time warp...was I really sewing whilst my husband was watching football... (although I don't think it was by choice) who am I is this my life is this my beautiful wife how did I get here? Of course I am brought back to reality by the fact that Rob was knitting while he watched football! This is my beautiful life! Anyway, I had a great time and It was very productive. I completed one gift and I started about three more.
I am really starting to get excited about the holidays...I am planning an art show which will be great. Mark your calendar Dec 3rd and 4th. Art, handmade books, scarves, purses, clothes...the list goes on and on.

Also...LIVE Bulletin!!! Don't miss it! Sunday November 28th be your own PET at Red Rose Murfreesboro TN at 8:00 pm.


At 9:46 PM, Blogger Flibbityflu said...

Curse! I'm out of town for Thanksgiving. We'll miss the Sunday show - keep posting future gigs - I've GOT to have Melissa see a show with me. :)


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