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Be your own pet was great last night at the Exit/In. I am so proud of my sister. These are older clippings that I have been meaning to post.

The New York Times October 24, 2004: "Be Your Own Pet This gawky, squawky young Nashville punk band just released a messy but exhilarating two-song single. (Visit for ordering information.) During a two-minute tantrum called "Damn Damn Leash," the guitarist Jonas Stein bashes out some compressed chords, while the singer Jemima Abegg spits and shivers out the lyrics through clenched teeth, delivering one of the year's most entertaining kiss-offs: "You've got me on a leash/ A damn damn leash/ And it's hard enough to be my damn self." "

Now Toronto, October 21, 2004 review of CMJ Music Marathon: "Pet sounds Stein should've been at Sin-e to catch Nashville teens Be Your Own Pet tear it up punk-rock-style for salivating booking agents and label reps. Easily the most exciting unsigned act I saw during the four-day blitz. Surly 17-year-old guitarist Jonas Stein oozed couldn't-give-a-shit attitude while the sweet-16 rhythm section of drummer Jamin Orrall and fabulously 'froed bassist Nathan Vasquez thrashed up a frenzy behind wildly charismatic singer Jemina Abegg , who had her Patti Smith and Debbie Harry moves down. The girl has definitely got it goin' on. Every song she shouted sounded like a hit single, which is probably why Rough Trade is so hot on them and will likely put out a Be Your Own Pet single in early 2005. "

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    At 1:34 AM, Blogger Flibbityflu said...

    I wish I had something to say that summed up the experience. That was just glorious. A rock and roll triumph. The kids are alright, and they win big this night.

    I have SO enjoyed getting to hang out with you and Rob. I'm going to be at every BYOP show that I'm in town for. Let's do it again soon!


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