wee hours

the storm last night kept me up all night it was SO loud and now I can't get to sleep tonight b/c my schedule is all outta whack! harumph.
More movies I love...
honeymoon in vegas
drugstore cowboy
anything claymation
creature comforts
the professional
blue velvet

I am anticipating "The Grudge" new scary flick out this weekend...I love scary movies. Any other scary movie fans?

The Others-great ghost story
The Ring -damn scary
The Shining -classic Jack
Communion- the scariest alien movie ever
Jacob's Ladder-this movie scared the shit out of me I've only seen it once and never again
Hellraiser- deffinitely THE worst movie ever made
Nightmare on Elm Street - c'mon it's classic teen horror

hmmm, why am I thinking about these before bed?

okay favorite animated/kids stuff!

Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty
the Nutcracker Fantasy- (~1979 hello kitty makes an appearance in this bizarre claymation version of the nutcracker...the villain is a two headed rat-queen! very strange)

Hey! Jemina's band "Be Your Own Pet" will be in the New York Times I think this weekend! They will be included in an article about the radio convention that they played a showcase at in NY last weekend, there might even be a pic of them included.

Which reminds me what am I doing with my life~?@#$!~
okay time for bed


At 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guess what i am your cuz but you might not remember me i know i am like HEKA younger than you but i still can act grown up ? do you know who i am ?? i am BRIDGET... even thoughi hang out with grandma Helen and act like her little damn prissy child i am so not . anywho i just wanted to say hi and i heard Jamina's band be your own pet they are so awesome. love ya cuz

At 12:13 AM, Blogger Alexia said...

hi cuz!!!
hope you enjoy checking out my blog from time to time...send me your e-mail address if you think of it! :)
i'm so glad you like jemina's was so great to see you guys this summer...I know we would get along well and have fun together if our family still lived in CA!
love ya!


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