busy busy busy

Well, I've had a busy week of assembling an ebay store so I have neglected you! Check out our new store front!!!
I am trying to yard sale some of my fabric and also have a summer purse sale so if you are interested in a good buy check out
I'll have some scarves and more purses up in the next couple of days!

The G.E.D. is done! I think I can confidently say that I have from high school. Which means I can finally have a damn graduation party...(isn't that the whole point???) I'll keep you posted..I'm thinking theme...costume...I don't know.
I have to say it was a very surreal experience taking the test. I highly reccommend will make you feel really good about yourself. ha!
Well, I will get my scores and my fake diploma in the mail in like 3 weeks so we'll see.

I had the best apple pie last night thanks to miss sarah and now all I can think of are wintery baked goods. I think I had a dream last night about pumpkin pie.

Our camping trip was great. I am inspired to take more camping trips...I hear that the cumberland gap area is great...anybody ever been camping there?



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