camping and educational fodder

Not only do I take the big fat GED test tomorrow, but we are leaving directly afterward to go camping in Kentucky. Now you may ask..."hmmm the GED, why are you taking this test?" Well, I figure it is time to have a high school diploma dammit. Well, an equivalency diploma anyway. I might want to some day go to one of those things they call "school". Part of me wants to know if I could get thruogh my entire life, do the things I want to do, all without my diploma...but then I think "why not now, just get it over with". I have succumbed to the logic and sensibility of the right side of my brain.
I am really looking forward to this camping is an annual Abegg family tradition. We meet up with some friends from JPUSA and some friends from Cincinatti and have a great realaxing weekend full of campfire cooking and pancake contests.
My dad is making his world famous lemon zephyr pancakes! I can't wait.
I'll have pics!


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