feel the christmas adrenaline rush

wow, finally I am breathing for a moment and posting!!!!

I am over my marathon cold and living again.

The art show is done and I am trying to photo everything to post for sale on accepting payments through paypal. I have great cards, purses, pins, scarves and art coming to the web. The show went well (although the weather was horrid) we did have less traffic at this show than last christmas but I am really impressed with everyone's enthusiasim for these makes me think about how to do this much more often. I really enjoy them.

We are starting to pack and get ready to move this weekend...I am praying for a slightly warmer day on Saturday. I am to finish sorting through a lot of stuff this week, I have a good start but I'll be paring down a lot more I think...I am trying to figure out how in the world one person can accumulate so many craft supplies!

I have been invited to participate in a craft/art fair at Las Paletas on 12th ave s the 21st-24th 12p-6p so now I am preparing again for a show...I am excited about it and I am grateful for the invitation. Hope to see some of you there :)

Big Thanks to everyone who helped and purchased this weekend at the art show, it was a little chaotic so thanks for your support.

I'm working on some fun christmas projects...gotta keep them hush hush


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