dining room disguised as workshop

Well, the art show is was great. Matt was a great host and we had a good turnout. Here is a shot of my dining room table the day before the show. Trying to finish up a ton of stuff!
Rob had some great new paintings and sold well. I think his style is really becoming more concrete with each group of work he completes. Look at his work.
I also completed a ton of new wallets. I'll post more pics of finished work anf pics from the show later on.

So, did anyone else wait till now to go christmas shopping? We have a few gifts finished but we have SO much to do this week! I must admit, the excitement of shopping at the last minute is kind of fun.


jolly christmas tree

Well, our christmas tree is up and glowing in the corner. I love, love , love the smell of christmas trees. I highly reccommend home depot for your tree purchases...they trimmed the bottom, netted it and tied it to the car!!!
I only have 2 gifts under the tree so far...I am a last minute shopper this year.
christmas tree bright
and here's a shot of the icy mantle decor!
Speaking of shopping, will have some of my creations in an art show/christmas sale this weekend ... so I have been working on these cards...
christmas tags
and these...
christmas tags
if anyone is interested, they are $1.50 each, free shipping :)
e-mail me for more designs, I have some of the pics on flickr.
Also, I just got a shipment of Japanese Craft Books-(softies, purses, felting and amigurimi mostly) and I was thinking of posting them "buy it now"on ebay before christmas but I thought I would post them here first...only if you guys are interested...leave me a comment if you are and if I get enough interest I'll post them here with paypal.


merry m&m's

bright m&m's
The christmas tunes are unpacked and on regular rotation! I love christmas and almost everything that comes with it.
I love the way the tree smells, love the lights and neighbors that go overboard. Love christmas shopping, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wrapping!!! Jenna reminded me the other day about the peppermint bark I made last year so I'm starting on a batch tonight, I'll post the recipe with a pic. It is so easy!
On another celebratory note...I am officially DONE for the semester!! AHHHHH, so relieved. I have only one grade to report...I got an A in math. also, I have my final drawing portfolio to share...

drawing-still lifeegg drawingfabric still lifehome still lifecorner ceiling still lifecorner ceiling still lifehousehold still lifedrawing 2drawing 1

I got an A on this final portfolio, not sure what my overall grade is yet, I enjoyed this class so much. I hope to keep up the drawing and I look forward to Drawing II next semester-figure drawing.
I'll report back on my grades...I'm a little worried about design fundementals...we'll see.