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The christmas tunes are unpacked and on regular rotation! I love christmas and almost everything that comes with it.
I love the way the tree smells, love the lights and neighbors that go overboard. Love christmas shopping, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wrapping!!! Jenna reminded me the other day about the peppermint bark I made last year so I'm starting on a batch tonight, I'll post the recipe with a pic. It is so easy!
On another celebratory note...I am officially DONE for the semester!! AHHHHH, so relieved. I have only one grade to report...I got an A in math. also, I have my final drawing portfolio to share...

drawing-still lifeegg drawingfabric still lifehome still lifecorner ceiling still lifecorner ceiling still lifehousehold still lifedrawing 2drawing 1

I got an A on this final portfolio, not sure what my overall grade is yet, I enjoyed this class so much. I hope to keep up the drawing and I look forward to Drawing II next semester-figure drawing.
I'll report back on my grades...I'm a little worried about design fundementals...we'll see.


At 9:48 AM, Blogger Handmade Girl said...

Don't worry, you made an A! I especially like the fabric still-life.

At 2:16 PM, Blogger Harv & Nat said...

yum. me love mnm. check past comment on punkin cookies.


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