rainy day

rainy day

Today was quite rainy, the perfect monday weather...for staying in bed maybe! My exams start this week and I am slightly dreading a couple of them. In particular, History of Clothing. It is very hard for me to remember dates in corrolation to anything! So, needless to say, history classes are a little challenging for me. When it comes down to it, will I really ever need to know the difference between a loincloth and braies? Don't get me wrong, I really do appreciate this class. I am just nervous about the 100 question, photo labeling, essay questions included-final exam.
Math exam is tomorrow, not too worried about that one. My math class is actually fairly easy. And according to my professor I have missed my calling: apparently I have the handwriting of a mathmatician. (anybody see that happening?)
For Drawing 1 all I have to do is submit all of my finished drawings for a final cumulative grade.
Ahhh, then there is the dreaded final group project. May I ask, are group projects really necessary????? It is so hard to coordinate with five people that all go to school full time AND work.
okay, I'm done bitching.
I'll post my final project in history of clothing...we had to design a historically inspired outfit and write a 5-7 pg research paper about our inspiration. I got an A, yippee!
I have to wait till there's some nice light to take a pic of my rendering. (it's my first one and I haven't taken fashion illustration yet so no laughing!)
9 days till chrismas break...I feel like I'm back in high school, little wierd.


At 2:48 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

Nice picture Alexia. Sorry we haven't seen you guys recently, we think of you both often - seems like we are in a different country when I say that.

Hey found a way to put video on a blog and thought that you could probably get Rob to be all creative with that kind of thing. I put up our first test of trying video onto our blog.

At 2:26 AM, Blogger Jude said...

OK... I have REASON not to hang out with yous... you lot need to JUST DO IT!

no excuses.

I'm very proud of you Alexia. you're amazing and deserve every A you get.

j x


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