dining room disguised as workshop

Well, the art show is was great. Matt was a great host and we had a good turnout. Here is a shot of my dining room table the day before the show. Trying to finish up a ton of stuff!
Rob had some great new paintings and sold well. I think his style is really becoming more concrete with each group of work he completes. Look at his work.
I also completed a ton of new wallets. I'll post more pics of finished work anf pics from the show later on.

So, did anyone else wait till now to go christmas shopping? We have a few gifts finished but we have SO much to do this week! I must admit, the excitement of shopping at the last minute is kind of fun.


At 3:53 PM, Blogger Handmade Girl said...

I am so OCD, that I had my shopping done in October. Wow! Rob's paintings are great. Kind of Picasso-esque. Glad the art show turned out well.


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