I'm sick!

I have a horrible cold! I slept most of yesterday, missed yoga (very disappointing)and watched...AHHHH daytime tv! My throat feels like someone took a rake to it. YUCK
The art show will officially be the 10th and 11th of December...look out for an invite coming to your mailbox.
Time to take more throat drops.



We had a great week, Thanksgiving was very relaxed and we ate so much great food! Rob made
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake
  • and I made a Pear and Sugared Walnut Salad with Bleu Cheese and Baby Spinach. After dinner we lounged and then watched part of Apocalypse Now and the Seinfeld Special on TV. We had a great time with my family, I really enjoy my sisters and I am enjoying getting to know Jemina's boyfriend JP better. Mom and Dad continue to be supportive and encouraging of all of our various interests, I am reminded of that during the holiday season.

    I had so much fun this week spending time with friends. I am so thankful for our community here. It was great to have Jude in town these past two weeks. She adds such a great energy to our group of friends, I think we all feel as if she belongs here! It was so great to see Lee and Jude and I look forward to visiting more with them next time they are in town...some of us went out and saw Finding Neverland (which was great!) on Wednesday and there were other relaxed, festive gatherings all week.

    I am working to get everything ready for the art has been quite a dizzying process planning it this year. I have been chasing locations for the last two months! It is going to be great and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's works!
    After the art show I will have a store full of work from then untill Christmas at our ebay store!

    Time to get ready for church!
    miss you jude!


    sewing circle

    We had a fun and busy weekend. I taught a purse making class this weekend which was really fun, I had a great group of students! I am looking forward to planning more classes in January.
    On the sewing note..Jenna hosted a mini sewing circle at her house on sunday, her parents were in town and her mom was helping Jenna sew some was great to get a start on Christmas presents! It was very funny, all the men were watching football and all the ladies were stitching away...I was cracking up at the thought that here we were some of the least steroetypical people I know stepping into a time warp...was I really sewing whilst my husband was watching football... (although I don't think it was by choice) who am I is this my life is this my beautiful wife how did I get here? Of course I am brought back to reality by the fact that Rob was knitting while he watched football! This is my beautiful life! Anyway, I had a great time and It was very productive. I completed one gift and I started about three more.
    I am really starting to get excited about the holidays...I am planning an art show which will be great. Mark your calendar Dec 3rd and 4th. Art, handmade books, scarves, purses, clothes...the list goes on and on.

    Also...LIVE Bulletin!!! Don't miss it! Sunday November 28th be your own PET at Red Rose Murfreesboro TN at 8:00 pm.


    rock and roll

    Be your own pet was great last night at the Exit/In. I am so proud of my sister. These are older clippings that I have been meaning to post.

    The New York Times October 24, 2004: "Be Your Own Pet This gawky, squawky young Nashville punk band just released a messy but exhilarating two-song single. (Visit for ordering information.) During a two-minute tantrum called "Damn Damn Leash," the guitarist Jonas Stein bashes out some compressed chords, while the singer Jemima Abegg spits and shivers out the lyrics through clenched teeth, delivering one of the year's most entertaining kiss-offs: "You've got me on a leash/ A damn damn leash/ And it's hard enough to be my damn self." "

    Now Toronto, October 21, 2004 review of CMJ Music Marathon: "Pet sounds Stein should've been at Sin-e to catch Nashville teens Be Your Own Pet tear it up punk-rock-style for salivating booking agents and label reps. Easily the most exciting unsigned act I saw during the four-day blitz. Surly 17-year-old guitarist Jonas Stein oozed couldn't-give-a-shit attitude while the sweet-16 rhythm section of drummer Jamin Orrall and fabulously 'froed bassist Nathan Vasquez thrashed up a frenzy behind wildly charismatic singer Jemina Abegg , who had her Patti Smith and Debbie Harry moves down. The girl has definitely got it goin' on. Every song she shouted sounded like a hit single, which is probably why Rough Trade is so hot on them and will likely put out a Be Your Own Pet single in early 2005. "

    Buy their limited edition single here
  • Be Your Own Pet Merch!

  • 11.17.2004

    happy birthday jude

    Jude's party was great.
    The highlight for me was what she said when she saw her cake ....which I made. "that's the best fucking birthday cake I've ever had"
    It was great to see friends I don't usually get to see and to just laugh. Watching Dorothy (age 5) perform one of the songs from Lizzie McGuire was also a highlight of the evening.
    We had a great little fire in the back and I had too much wine. It was a blast.

    I can't remember the last time I had more fun at a birthday party.


    japan fun

    I want to make cute and 60's

    baja canada

    this made me laugh!


    "A Mother's Protection"

    So here is one of Rob's most recent paintings that I am in love with...maybe even so much that I may need to keep it!!!

    YARN IS GOOD!!!!

    I went to a new yarn shop in branklin today and found some great pale blue and chocolate brown yarn to make a scarf out of...very fun shop they had so much great yarn. I think my favorite is Noro yarn. They make hand-dyed multi colored wool yarns that stripe as you knit them (no work for great payoff!)
    here is the shop's website
  • Threaded Bliss Yarns

  • I can't believe the weekend is over...I finished a new cushion cover for our couch! I did accomplish something.

    My sister's band Be Your Own Pet is playing on the 17th at the Exit/in hope to have a big group together to go to that show!

    Oh, check out this site...his work on a series of children's books in the 50's called "This is...(name a city) " is amazing.
  • Miroslav Sasek

  • signed,
    trying to figure out how to exist for another four years of you know who

    11.03.2004's over.....what now?

    it's done...another four years of bush
    now the rest of the world can really start hating us!
    what is going to happen???? I am trying to tell myself that maybe some positive changes can still happen but I don't know, all I can think about are the last four years and the rest of the world wondering why in the hell we reelected this man.
    I hope, I am capable of hope.
    I pray, I am capable of prayer.
    I really don't want to get too political on this blog but I needed to let that out... maybe someone out there has some insight for me or maybe we all just need to pray.


    election day...I am falling asleep as I am typing. I voted at 7:30 this morning and I have watched all that I can on the results...time for bed. I hope I wake up tomorrow having voted for our next president, I don't want a reason to be depressed tomorrow.


    it is MONDAY

    monday...too much to do today!

    I was recalling the fleece hats for the homeless that some friends and I made and donated last year and I found this website
    I think I'll work on getting some people together to do some blankets.

    I saw the first hint of christmas the other day...(I am embarassed to say that my first thought of christmas came from a stinking tv commercial but was a commercial for some food product but it included a shot of a house perfectly decorated with big bulb lights and snowmen and a christmas tree glowing in the window)...maybe it will snow this year

    we went out for halloween last night, relaxed and had great chili at lori's and walked with jenna, trevor and mary ann and watched dorothy and ellie run from house to house hopped up on was great

    this hymn really hit me in church yesterday

    help us accept each other
    as christ accepted us
    teach us as sister brother
    each person to embrace
    be present lord among us
    we are ourselves accepted
    and meant to love and live

    teach us o lord your lessons
    as in our daily life
    we struggle to be human
    and search for hope and faith
    teach us to care for people
    for all not just for some
    to love them as we find them
    or as they may become

    let your acceptance change us
    so that we may be moved
    in living situations
    to do the truth in love
    to practice your acceptance
    until we know by heart
    the table of forgiveness
    and laughter's healing art

    lord for todays encounters
    with all who are in need
    who hunger for acceptance
    for righteousness and bread
    we need new eyes for seeing
    new hands for holding on
    renew us with your spirit
    lord free us make us one

    I am usually struggling so hard to sing the hymns at church that the meaning is probably often lost on me but this just really struck a chord in simple yet so damn hard to really grasp.