i'm working on getting some scraps and fabric organized, I have a huge rubbermaid tote full of scraps, to swap...I'll be able to take some pics wednesday...if anyone is interested e-mail me :) I probably have enough to swap with about 4 people....maybe more. vintage, amy butler, all different weights and mostly natural fibers. :)

the water quilt has been delivered

so, the water quilt for tim and elizabeth was delivered today at a very fun shower hosted by linda and jenna!
here's a shot of the whole thing...

quilt and my toes

here's one of the backing and binding


here's a detail of the pieced center...and the wavy diagonal quilting.

center close up

and you can check out many more detail pics is you click to my flickr!

fun project

as linked by molly chicken, this website has some of the cutest little d.i.y. kits and other little purses and animals for sale....I love this cd player cute!

cute little purse

i want one :)

p.s. I finished a shower gift that I have been dying to post...the shower is this afternoon so I'm going to post a pic AS SOON as I get home!!!!!


laugh or cry ????

This has been entertaining our household + geoff for the past couple of weeks...

little spaceman

it will make you laugh or cry...



whew, we had a busy weekend and I think I have recovered. I took a marathon nap when I got home from work last night (which I never do because I usually wake up from a nap transformed into a completely crabby monster). And I slept in a little this morning.
I hope rob has recovered too, he had to be at work at 6:30 today!!! ouch.
We (+joel) threw a fun going away party for some friends that are moving to Chicago...we will miss them! I had hoped for an outdoor party but the weather didn't really comply. It was like 105 F with the heat index, too f**king hot!!!!
Thanks to everyone that brought food, we had a great spread! I neglected the camera at the party so I have no pics to post but just imagine lots of smiling, laughing, sangria, shrimp, heat, iced tea, mocha cupcakes and you are there!
I finished a couple of projects I've been working on...
here's a diaper bag I quilted the fabric in a swirly-random pattern and quilted the fabric for the flap in stripes...
elizabeth's diaper bag
and here's a shot of the inside, it has 6 pockets...
inside the diaper bag
I love these amy butler fabrics...I need more!
I also finished a laptop bag for misty but I need to get a better pic of that.
I'm also working on a couple of tutorials and some pics of my vintage fabrics...I wish I had a scanner for those but alas...
When I came home from work on saturday rob came up to me with a little tupperware container and said "I have something to show you" I thought at first he would get me all calm and concentrating on this container and then try to scare me (yes, I start easy!) but he opened it and I saw this little guy!
little lizzard 2
and then rob promptly released him :)

Time for work...I have a ton of sewing to finish today!!!!


geoff's hospitality

the weekend before last we had a great little dinner over at geoff's place. he was a great host and we grilled out!
rob geoff joel geoff and I grillin'the bountylovely lanterns
the grilled corn was great, pork tenderloin and sausage were delish and the night was very fun, thanks geoff!

back to school time!

as many of you know i am somewhat obsessed with paper/office/stationary the temptation to spend way too much on school supplies is astronomically high....but I have resisted temptation. I bought a bunch of 50 cent composition books and decorated them. you can see them all here but here are a few of my faves...

starting point

and after...
floral orange book

pink mod book

retro book

strange dream

i had a very strange dream last goes...

I was hosting a rock concert at a naval base...don't know where it was but right on the water (as in apocalypse now).The stage was an opened-up airplane hangar and we hung a curtain to make the first 1/4 of it a stage. It was a very balmy, hot afternoon and the moisture in the air was on everyones faces...everyone had a warm glisten. The rock band was some made up amalgym of kiss, led zeppelin and pink floyd and this was a reunion concert that they were half-way into playing. As we are getting ready for the show some of the higher-ups from the navy kept coming side-stage to tell me how thankful they were for this show...each and everyone of them was carrying a bamboo steamer box (about the size of a hat box) . As I was talking with a member of the band I looked over to my right and noticed one sailor (he looked like a crazed Matt Damon) about 15ft away setting his steamer box on the floor. As he stood up the box top lifted on it's own as if something inside was peering out. I thought this was odd for a moment but continued about my business (whever it was????) and then I noticed that there were about 6 boxes scattered about the stage and back-stage area...all left behind by these sailors.
I started to feel some anxiety but opened the show anyway. As the music became louder, the crowd became excited and the hustle and bustle backstage died down a little. As if frozen like a marionette without a puppetteer I could do nothing but watch as the lids of all of the bamboo boxes began to lift and a slimy,sludgey, transluscent pink and green thing crept out. It grew thin and started to cover every wall and door. As it covered it became opaque and firm, like a sheet of rubber. It began to cover the stage opening and we had no defense. The sailors in the audience changed as they saw the being covering this opening...their faces grew strange and surreal. Soon the entire opening was covered and we were trapped! We tried to break through the rubber like surface but to no avail. And then....I woke up!
can anyone say too much spicy food????


some new SAKI designs

here are a few new things I've been working on for the shop...
eyeglass case
eyeglass cases

wallets...they have a pocket for a little cash and some cards and a clear pocket for id and cards
barkcloth wallet
here's the outside of that one
barkcloth wallet ext

green blossom wallet (vintage fabric) outside
green blossom wallet
green wallet inside
bird wallet (vintage fabric)
bird wallet
bird wallet inside

pink and brown of course!
pink floral wallet
Pink floral inside

I have a ton of these finished...they will be up in the shop tomorrow!


Rob got this
awesome all-clad fondue pot for his birthday (35) this year and we had the first fondue night with marinated sirloin steak, sauteed green beans and baked potato!
here we are waiting for our meat to cook...
I'm waiting...
rob is waiting
such serious stuff happeneing in the pot! ;)

Now that we have tested out the pot we can't wait to have a fondue party...we'll definitely need to make some retro jello desserts!

mmmm tempura

I made some tempura last week with fresh herb from the garden in the batter, they turned out to be delish!
sweet potato herb tempura
here's the sweet potato batch

zucchini herb tempura
and the zucchini ones!

if you have never made tempura I would highly reccommend it, it's so easy and great for all of the fresh summer veggies. I like to try all different dipping sauces. our favorite is chili garlic sauce mixed with mayo! yum


my brain is fried

so, have i told you I'm going to college in the fall? I'm going to this school. it is a small design school in franklin. I will be attending for fashion and because they do not offer summer classes I will probably transfer to a school where I could possibly finish faster than 4 yrs.
well, I registered for classes yesterday. long day of waiting...8:30-3 , which is what I expected so I didn't mind. I definitely felt my age a little, felt slightly out of place...many of the conversations I overheard were about boys and parents. (still a topic of therapeutic conversation in my life but not quite in the same way!)
I really like the instructors I have met and the overall philosophy of the school is kind of a wholistic learning kind of idea...which I really like. Also it has a 4-1 student teacher ratio which is awesome.
So now I am trying to figure out what kind of work schedule I can manage while in school. I will be taking 16hrs and I really have no concept of how much outside the classroom work that will be. I have been thinking about going back to Fido maybe (I could also walk there which would be great) Or if I should just stick with the freelance custom sewing I have been doing. I don't think I'll be able to do hair and makeup much unless is just happens to be a shoot on a day I am not in class.
We'll see.

I am almost finished with a couple of projects so look back here for some new pics today or tomorrow!

by the way, dark water was very scary

and the flickr is up to 110,580.


more yummy cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for the shower last week

chocolate dot cupcakes2

dot cupcakes

The white were lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting and marzipan dots...the chocolate were mocha cupcakes with fudge-mocha frosting and marzipan dots.

We had a busy weekend, I'll post more...we're off to see dark water

have I told you I love scary movies?

p.s. the flickr is up to 97,000.


holy s**t know something strange is happening when you read this on your flickr account page...

Your photostream has been viewed 52835 times.

What the f***???

all because of some sparklers...

kat's diaper bag

I just finished this bag. Sally ordered it for Katherine.
I did all of the quilting, freehand, on the machine. I used a fusible batting to make the quilting easier.

diaper bag

here's a shot of the inside pockets

interior diaperbag

I think it turned out nicely. I want to experiment with more quilting, more bags or maybe some baby quilts that are all one fabric...letting the quilting really stand out.
I have always liked line drawings, in whatever form. I think that's what I like so much about free-motion quilting, it reminds me of line drawings.


pyrotechnics at the abegg's

we had a fun time with friends at my parents house yesterday for the fourth of july. It was great to have a long weekend, the past couple of weeks have been soooo busy. I have been finishing a lot of custom sewing projects lately. And been celebrating lots of birthdays! I am almost done with rob's anniversary quilt and I can't wait to post about that. I just have quilting in the border left to do. It has been a big project (queen size quilt), all hand quilted. In working on that quilting and the embroidery I have been doing lately, I have realised how much I enjoy the feel of fabric and a needle and thread in my hands (except for the occasional prick! ouch) It is repetitive, in it's own way meditative, and reminds me very much of knitting. I want to start a quilt project for the fall/winter although with starting school I'm not sure what my "just for fun" schedule will be like.
Well, anyway here's some fun fourth of july pics...I'm tired and I get tangent-prone when I'm tired...



rob joel


jeffrey jemina

russ sarah oliver

let the fire begin


view my entire set at

  • July 4th Photo Album

  • more sparkler pics in there too!


    happy 4th of july


    there's my patriotic let's get to the fireworks and great food!!!

    baby tee shirt

    I finished the series of onesies I have been working on...

    pear baby shirt

    strawbeerry baby shirt

    lime baby shirt



    I am working on a little design of chocolate characters for a women's tee...I'll post that when I finish it.

    new purses

    here is a custom order I just finished last week...It is loosely based on a vera bradley bag that Rob's aunt has...but she wanted this to be a little bigger and picked out the main fabric...

    deene's bag2

    and here's a shot of the pockets on the inside

    interior2-deene's bag

    and here's a little something I made as a thank you to someone... this goes in the mail tuesday


    here's a view of the inside...

    interior liz bag

    Can't wait to get these in the mail!