trying to keep my head above water

whew, I have mostly recovered from a nasty cold, and I am in my third week of classes. man, I am looking forward to the end of a few work projects so that I don't feel quite so buried. classes are going well, I'll post some fun pics from my drawing class soon, and I am enjoying most of them. I am thinking and praying about a family member that I just found out has breast cancer, and thinking and praying also about all of the folks in the south with the devistation of katrina. And thinking and praying about harvey and natalie who are driving across country now on their way home to Nashville!
I'll post more soon just wanted to give a quick hello and update!


2 memes

okay 1st meme...
5 albums on my ipod....well no ipod but on my computer...

1.The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat
2. Be your own pet - Fire Department
3. Queen - The Game
4. Elliott Smith - Kill Rock Stars
5. Frank Sinatra - Classic Sinatra

5 movies I've seen recently

1. Happy Endings (great)
2. Dark Water (good)
3. The never ending story (is this really for kids????)
4. Coffee and Cigarettes (hmmm, not quite finished watching this one)
5. Constantine (better than I expected)

5 nice things that have happened to me recently

1. my husband made me breakfast....yippee for biscuits
2. a friend from high school contacted me recently, looking forward to getting together.
3. abby at while she naps TOTALLY spoiled me in a swap!
4. I get so much great support and positive comments from internet friends
5. i got compliments on my newly cut short hair

5 songs in heavy rotation

1. Holiday-Bulb
2. Mr. Blue Sky-ELO
3. hell-Squirrel Nut Zippers
4. Bicycle Race- Be your own pet
5. Fat Bottomed Girls-queen

also I have been tagged with the five idiosyncrasies meme

1. I don't like to eat the last bits or the ends of food....especially the ends of french fries. (my husband will forever laugh at me for this)

2. I hoard, I mean hoard ideas...from cookbooks, craft books, internet, anywhere and everywhere. I have a rediculous number of notebooks full of tear sheets!

3. When falling asleep I have a little pattern with my toes which I think is derived from piano excercises when I was a kid.

4. I wish to someday learn to play the sitar.

5. I will eat mexican food Any time!

I'm tagging these five with BOTH of these!

Sally, jude,harvey, natalie, tania



much love and congratulations to my good friend molly!
molly and mika
wishing you guys wedded bliss ;)


whew, busy weekend

I had to work a little overtime this weekend so I didn't have much of a chance to blog, oh how I have missed it.
My sister's band opened for le tigre thursday night and i was a great show...preceded by a great dinner (thanks liz it was great to see you!) here's my stub!
my ticket
there's jemina...
Le tigre was awesome, I cannot tell you how much fun their music is...they are great live. And my sister was great...she rocked and the audience really seemed to get into it! I hope they had a good weekend tour.

Well, Rob, joel, and I celebrated our good friend Geoff's birthday this weekend with pizza, beer and sundae's...what more could anyone want! ha! So glad to be your friend geoff, hope you had a great year last year and hope this one is even better! Look forward to more hanging out!
geoff candles

phone pic

I was however able to squeeze in a new purse for the weekend!
new quilted clutch
here's the other side
other side of quilted clutch

Also I have been memed by cassi over at bella dia
so I'm working on that!!

oh and i boxed up all my swaps today...note there are still a couple available! I am very excited about that!

We had the most delightful afternoon rain was warm and pouring with the sun shining on the was really glorious. I'm glad I was out and about to be in it!


swaparoo continued...

Okay here are the bundles I got organized...I came up with many more than expected and of course more than one per person is fine with me!!! I had fun grouping these fabrics together...they are mostly bigger than scraps...I have given a little description for each one...
This will be first come first serve and please just e-mail me to tell me which one you would like!
Here are some things I like...
chocolate, tea (particularly jasmine), stationery, fabric trims notions, cool yarn, anything sanrio or san-x, japanese candy, japanese craft books, japanese craft/quilt magazines, yeah

#1 cottons swapped!

#2 cottons swapped!

#3 silks, linen and cotton

#4 cotton, rayon, silk swapped!

#5 cottons, silk, velveteen swapped!

#6 cottons and cotton chenille swapped!

#7 cottons swapped!

#8 cottons and linen swapped!

#9 cottons and linen swapped!

#10 cottons, barkcloth, silk, linen