trying to keep my head above water

whew, I have mostly recovered from a nasty cold, and I am in my third week of classes. man, I am looking forward to the end of a few work projects so that I don't feel quite so buried. classes are going well, I'll post some fun pics from my drawing class soon, and I am enjoying most of them. I am thinking and praying about a family member that I just found out has breast cancer, and thinking and praying also about all of the folks in the south with the devistation of katrina. And thinking and praying about harvey and natalie who are driving across country now on their way home to Nashville!
I'll post more soon just wanted to give a quick hello and update!


At 3:55 PM, Anonymous kelly said...

Ick! So sorry to hear that you've been sick and about the news of your family member... Best wishes to you and hang in there!

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Harv & Nat said...

How kind of you.. I hope you are feeling better soon too - our thoughts are of you as well..


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