whew, we had a busy weekend and I think I have recovered. I took a marathon nap when I got home from work last night (which I never do because I usually wake up from a nap transformed into a completely crabby monster). And I slept in a little this morning.
I hope rob has recovered too, he had to be at work at 6:30 today!!! ouch.
We (+joel) threw a fun going away party for some friends that are moving to Chicago...we will miss them! I had hoped for an outdoor party but the weather didn't really comply. It was like 105 F with the heat index, too f**king hot!!!!
Thanks to everyone that brought food, we had a great spread! I neglected the camera at the party so I have no pics to post but just imagine lots of smiling, laughing, sangria, shrimp, heat, iced tea, mocha cupcakes and you are there!
I finished a couple of projects I've been working on...
here's a diaper bag I quilted the fabric in a swirly-random pattern and quilted the fabric for the flap in stripes...
elizabeth's diaper bag
and here's a shot of the inside, it has 6 pockets...
inside the diaper bag
I love these amy butler fabrics...I need more!
I also finished a laptop bag for misty but I need to get a better pic of that.
I'm also working on a couple of tutorials and some pics of my vintage fabrics...I wish I had a scanner for those but alas...
When I came home from work on saturday rob came up to me with a little tupperware container and said "I have something to show you" I thought at first he would get me all calm and concentrating on this container and then try to scare me (yes, I start easy!) but he opened it and I saw this little guy!
little lizzard 2
and then rob promptly released him :)

Time for work...I have a ton of sewing to finish today!!!!


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bag is about the most wonderful thing I have seen is a long time. Absolutely fabulous! I am having bag envy.

At 1:16 AM, Blogger Flibbityflu said...

I LOVE those blue tails. :)

At 8:47 AM, Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

oh! i would love that bag! it's beautiful~you did a great job~and the colros are just divine!


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