my brain is fried

so, have i told you I'm going to college in the fall? I'm going to this school. it is a small design school in franklin. I will be attending for fashion and because they do not offer summer classes I will probably transfer to a school where I could possibly finish faster than 4 yrs.
well, I registered for classes yesterday. long day of waiting...8:30-3 , which is what I expected so I didn't mind. I definitely felt my age a little, felt slightly out of place...many of the conversations I overheard were about boys and parents. (still a topic of therapeutic conversation in my life but not quite in the same way!)
I really like the instructors I have met and the overall philosophy of the school is kind of a wholistic learning kind of idea...which I really like. Also it has a 4-1 student teacher ratio which is awesome.
So now I am trying to figure out what kind of work schedule I can manage while in school. I will be taking 16hrs and I really have no concept of how much outside the classroom work that will be. I have been thinking about going back to Fido maybe (I could also walk there which would be great) Or if I should just stick with the freelance custom sewing I have been doing. I don't think I'll be able to do hair and makeup much unless is just happens to be a shoot on a day I am not in class.
We'll see.

I am almost finished with a couple of projects so look back here for some new pics today or tomorrow!

by the way, dark water was very scary

and the flickr is up to 110,580.


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