pyrotechnics at the abegg's

we had a fun time with friends at my parents house yesterday for the fourth of july. It was great to have a long weekend, the past couple of weeks have been soooo busy. I have been finishing a lot of custom sewing projects lately. And been celebrating lots of birthdays! I am almost done with rob's anniversary quilt and I can't wait to post about that. I just have quilting in the border left to do. It has been a big project (queen size quilt), all hand quilted. In working on that quilting and the embroidery I have been doing lately, I have realised how much I enjoy the feel of fabric and a needle and thread in my hands (except for the occasional prick! ouch) It is repetitive, in it's own way meditative, and reminds me very much of knitting. I want to start a quilt project for the fall/winter although with starting school I'm not sure what my "just for fun" schedule will be like.
Well, anyway here's some fun fourth of july pics...I'm tired and I get tangent-prone when I'm tired...



rob joel


jeffrey jemina

russ sarah oliver

let the fire begin


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  • more sparkler pics in there too!


    At 1:17 AM, Blogger Sally Gulde said...

    Holy hilarious. I guess Matt's posting your sparkler url worked some magic. I just checked your sparkler set counter on flickr and it's been viewed almost 15,000 times! That's insane. Be sure you have your saki link in your flickr profile! Purses for sale! Purses for sale!!! Maybe you should post your link on every single photo caption?! 15,000 I'm giddy. That's just plain awesome.

    At 10:37 AM, Blogger Alexia said...



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