strange dream

i had a very strange dream last goes...

I was hosting a rock concert at a naval base...don't know where it was but right on the water (as in apocalypse now).The stage was an opened-up airplane hangar and we hung a curtain to make the first 1/4 of it a stage. It was a very balmy, hot afternoon and the moisture in the air was on everyones faces...everyone had a warm glisten. The rock band was some made up amalgym of kiss, led zeppelin and pink floyd and this was a reunion concert that they were half-way into playing. As we are getting ready for the show some of the higher-ups from the navy kept coming side-stage to tell me how thankful they were for this show...each and everyone of them was carrying a bamboo steamer box (about the size of a hat box) . As I was talking with a member of the band I looked over to my right and noticed one sailor (he looked like a crazed Matt Damon) about 15ft away setting his steamer box on the floor. As he stood up the box top lifted on it's own as if something inside was peering out. I thought this was odd for a moment but continued about my business (whever it was????) and then I noticed that there were about 6 boxes scattered about the stage and back-stage area...all left behind by these sailors.
I started to feel some anxiety but opened the show anyway. As the music became louder, the crowd became excited and the hustle and bustle backstage died down a little. As if frozen like a marionette without a puppetteer I could do nothing but watch as the lids of all of the bamboo boxes began to lift and a slimy,sludgey, transluscent pink and green thing crept out. It grew thin and started to cover every wall and door. As it covered it became opaque and firm, like a sheet of rubber. It began to cover the stage opening and we had no defense. The sailors in the audience changed as they saw the being covering this opening...their faces grew strange and surreal. Soon the entire opening was covered and we were trapped! We tried to break through the rubber like surface but to no avail. And then....I woke up!
can anyone say too much spicy food????


At 11:16 AM, Anonymous natalie said...

lay off the meth, lady! im putting you on METHWATCH.


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