school work

I have been working on some work for a big school project that culminates in a fashion show at the end of the semester. One of the techniques we have learned in design class is to sketch roughs of design ideas onto a smaller scaled croquis. I am enjoying the rough sketching and I have fourty due this are a few.
sketches page one
My designs are based on an eveningwear/cocktail market and, depending on the color palette, could be either spring or fall. So far they feel more spring to me.
I have one design sketch complete, this will be my first construction project. I have already draped my pattern for this bias cut wrap dress.
first dress in draping class
I think it will be cute, we'll see once I get it cut out of the silk crepe I will be using.
Draping class has been absolutely the MOST fun class I have taken in school so far. To be able to take a piece of cloth, place and pin it onto the dress form and express the design in my mind has been freeing. It is free of the constraints of flat pattern drafting. Flat is all about math and formulas. Draping is much more intuitive. I love it so far.