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I am no longer blogging on blogspot. I need a few upgrades that as of yet, they are not can now find craftopia over here.


sewing and piecing

I have been working on a lot of freelance projects lately, in addition to finishing my school apps so things have been a little hectic.

I have made a few blocks to contribute to a quilt for a friend at work that is getting married. Here are a few...
(The polka dot is the sashing, we each attach a sashing strip to the left and top edge of our blocks and that way the person that sews it together doesn't have to also sew all of the sashing.)

This one is my favorite.


And a few more.





self-portrait in progress





I really love this building.


subway portraits

I have been sketching people, in secret, on the subway for the last couple months, in hopes of using these sketches for a series. I am struck by how many people I come into fairly close personal contact with on a daily basis here in nyc. Yet, there is a disconnect...I find my (and most other people) inclination is to not make eye contact, not speak or engage in any way. How do we live in such a dichotomy? As a recording of this concept I am stitching, fabric collage-ing and quilting subway portraits. First, as an excercise, and then I will decide where to take this project.
They will also be components of my Parsons application. I'm applying...we'll see what comes of it.


hand embroidered with ink- 16"x18" approx


fabric collage and painting- 20"x24" approx


fabric collage and painting- 20"x24"



reversible quilt- 18"x22"


merry christmas!


I wasn't sure we were going to get a tree this year but upon further consideration (and my mom's offer to pay for it) we found a great tree from a stand in Park Slope and they even delivered! My sisters have all moved up here and my parents decided to have a nyc christmas this year. This was an especially good decision because it would have been difficult for us to afford going home this year. It has been so good to have them here. I am so close to my family and despite all of our ebbs and flows (a family of artists with all of the required moods that go with the territory) we had a very smooth christmas!
I have, sadly, only one photo of my handiwork from this did that happen?

Acorn slippers I made for my dad...


We were able to gussy our apartment up a bit and somehow we fit everyone around this folding table for dinner...


Here's Olive in her christmas sweater. She tried her best to steal scraps all night.


I was able to steal an afternoon of shopping with my dad on christmas eve. We had a great time just the two of us, muji, moma store, espresso, purl, thrifting and the search for a roasting pan on christmas eve!
We had a great time talking, something that socially comes naturally but when with family is sometimes difficult, about all of the changes and difficulties that come with living a life of art and creativity. A subject he knows first hand as an artist and musician. Sometimes with our god given gifts it is hard to know which direction to take. As I get closer to 30 I find I am thinking more and doing less and I want to remember to just do. I find myself at a crossroads now. Thinking about finishing school up here and wondering about fine art programs. Have I really challenged myself creatively? Am I just producing for far I think the answer is yes. I want to push myself a little harder. We'll see where I end up!





it's cold.