cool fall air

The air today smells like fall. It is cooler and makes me very excited for Halloween!
I have just finished a week of papers and drawings due and I am thrilled that is it friday.
My main work project right now is a group of 12 bridesmaids I'm trying to finish those in the next couple of weeks. They are a beautiful cocoa brown silk duppioni with a pink sash or wrap to match. They look much like this dress...
siri dress
I am really enjoying my drawing class, it feels great to be drawing again. We are working through a great method with
  • this book
  • I would reccommend it.
    Also at school I am enjoying my Composition 1 class, I just finished a "remembered person" essay about my grandmother. Maybe I'll post it...I'm a little self-concious about my writing skills and it has been great to learn new things and to be forced to write. Rob has been very encouraging with all of my school work, he is a great editor!
    Harvey and Natalie have arrived safely and we are happy to have them back in Nashville! Feels like they were gone for a couple of weeks not four years. They have a pool in the courtyard of their apartment building...very fun.
    We had a little shindig for them and it was great to see some other old friends that Rob and I haven't seen in quite a while....hope to keep in touch better.
    I know T+J are getting ready for a long trip to the UK and I hope they will post about their trip on their blog! I want to see pics!!!
    Well, time for work...I hear the bridesmaids dresses calling!


    At 9:17 AM, Blogger mikeibbo said...

    HI, came across your blog a few weeks ago, and like what I see - keep up the good work - look forward to seeing some drawings posted soon(?).


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