five years

My husband, Rob, and I celebrated five years of marriage this year. I am so thankful to have Rob. I am blessed to have met someone that understands me beyond anything I could have imagined, someone that is willing to pursue a crative life with me, that is a reader and a thinker, a dreamer, a romantic, an organizer (thank god!) and loves to see movies as much as I do.
Five years is just the beginning, we are still learning about each other, learning how to live with each other, finding our way together. Getting these two paths to become one is about so much growth. I have streched my comfort zone and learned so much because of my husband and I hope that we can continue to challenge each other in all of the good ways. I trust him and love him dearly and look forward to learning to speak the same language. ;)
Here we are in Utah almost two years ago...that was a trip to remember!!! I'll tell that story another time...


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Happy Anniversary!


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