yard sale

On my way home from running errands, to get ready for my trunk show tomorrow, I spotted a yard sale. I saw some stacks of textiles so I thought I would stop and check it out. I was sorting through a huge stack of old fabric when I heard a familiar voice on the front poch of the was an old friend from high school. I had a great time catching up with her. She and I had a secret code that we made up that we could speak and that we also used to write notes to each other in school. I still have a couple of those notes...I wish I remembered the translation. Megan says she remembers...maybe I'll have her help me remember sometime. Anyway, it was fun to catch up with her, I hope to see her around the neighborhood more often.
Well, whilst catching up with her I did manage to score a couple of goodies...
this cool fabric I might give to Jemina

Here are some cool embroidered pieces I bought. And a purple flower/bead pin.

And a close up of the strawberries cute.

I love yard sales.


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