birthday shocker

We had a fun night out with my family for my birthday last week, sushi

at Ken's and cake at Fido.
My parents completely shocked me with a computer for my birthday. I am so thankful for this gift because I will need it for School in the fall and our computer is on it's last leg. And I can blog wirelessly now!!! which means a lot more posts! Rob got me these amazing chocolate truffles from this new shop in franklin called the chocolate tree, they are made fresh daily an I never knew chocolate could taste so good! He also got me an awesome business card case, it looks vintage 50's chrome and I love it, and last but not least I get a fun day out with my sisters for my birthday to shop for a new pair of summer shoes.

We also had a fun night out with the Henderson's on my actual birthday. We went to RuSans and had way too much sushi! I love their food, but their menu is insane. It is about ten pages of options, all of which look deliscious....not good for someone who wants to try a little of everything. Thankfully no one gave away to the waiter that we were celebrating my birthday....I have seen the torture inflicted on others and it's not pretty. The hendersons got me a very cool tetsubin teapot. I have already broken it in with some nice jasmine tea.
mmm tea....time to put some water on....


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