Inspired by our recent move to brooklyn and a new blog from an old blog cohort, I am here to say hello and yes, for the umpteenth time, I really am back to craftopia.

Rob and I packed up a truck with ourselves and our two pups and made the big move up here to NY july 1st. So far we are mostly trying to beat the heat, but are enjoying all the options available here in the city for doing so!

We are lucky to be close to prospect park, designed by the same landscape architect that designed central park, and just a couple blocks from the subway. We are enjoying brooklyn. It feels very home-ey and reminds me a lot of east nashville actually.

I have started a new job at a cute little fabric store in the city and am just starting my second week there. It is more craft and quilting oriented and has made me remember my love for that side of things! I have been so swamped with work sewing and school sewing that I haven't done much of any crafting or quilting lately. But, the project to change that is my youngest sister just turned 21...some of you may remember the last big quilt I made was for my middle sister on her 21st! So, I am now trying to finish Jemina's quilt and I am all excited about quilting again. SO, I will be posting on my progress, I have some really fun fabrics including a lot of vintage stuff picked out :)

Yesterday the hubby and I went out to coney island to get out of our hot apartment and we had a great time. We took a million pics!
Here is one of my faves...

and one of us :)

We'll go again soon and can't wait to go out there when people visit, it really is a sight!

One last tidbit for my crafty friends, if you haven't yet read kim's new blog trueup you should really get in on some fabric porn viewing!


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Jude said...

Yay! welcome back! Post more!

At 7:35 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! I can't wait to read about all the NYC crafting adventures you are sure to go on. :)

At 11:35 PM, Blogger Alexia said...

thanks ladies! glad to be back

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Sally said...

How much do I love that you make quilts for your sisters when they turn 21. ;) You are good sweet.


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