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I have always , like most of us probably, been a sucker for Martha. The photography, the ideas...great inspiration. Well, I walked into Michael's a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold, Martha has a new craft line! I love it and can't wait to use this banner
at a party this summer.
In fact, I wish I had already purchased it before my brithday a few weeks ago!

The website has so many great products, there are some awesome letter stamps I am lusting over and thanks to a coupon might just have to splurge for!
I'll play nice and share my coupon ;)
mstewart coupon
just go here
even if it's just to drool a little :)


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought some things from the website a while ago and was actually pretty disappointed. I bought the paper bag animals (and a few other things). They look nice and were fun to put together, but every single one of the pieces has fallen off at least once. the adhesive just doesn't work. The instructions on several of the kits are either lacking or misleading. The products don't seem to have that perfect Marthaness that I was hoping for.

At 11:21 PM, Blogger Stephanie said...

I <3 Martha too!

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Robin said...

I don't see a way to e-mail you, but I wanted to say it was nice chatting with you at Textile today...and looking at all your great things! I think you should put those wallets on etsy and some of your fabric too. I know it would sell.
Robin (from Angel Hair and Ensworth)


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